~Problems & HOW TO FIX THEM~

Here's a list of common problems and some tips on how to fix them. If you are having trouble, feel free to email and I'll try and figure out whats going on, and we can work through the solution together!
Possible Cause
*Too much food
*Food is not covered
*Not enough oxygen
Take out moldy food, cover with fresh shredded newspaper and/or dry leaves. Let the worms finish the food before adding more
Worms are dying
Bin too acidic

Limit citric foods. Worms like a varied diet!

worms trying to escape from bin
bin is too dry or too wet
add moisture if too dry, shredded paper and/or leaves if too wet
flies attracted to exposed food
cover food with shredded dry newspaper and/or leaves. Bury it deeper in bin.
don't add meats to bin
if you have NOT been adding meat, and you see maggots, they're actually SOLDIER FLY larvae. You're very lucky, these are an important addition to the composting process (see ABOUT THE BIN for more info)
Run a 1" swath of Vaseline all around the top of the bin, or get a bin with legs.
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