~What to FEED the WORMS~

Worms need their food sliced or ground up, so be sure and cut anyting you put in the bin into small piecs, and you'll want to avoid meat products. Remember, worms don't have TEETH like we do, so it's a little hard to bite into a nice steak with just gums! Also, don't put dairy products (milk, cheese, butter) into your worm bin

Fruit Animal bones
Vegetables Animal bits
Cereal and Oatmeal *NO MILK* Cheese
Cornmeal Butter
Eggshells (crushed) Salad Dressing
Coffee grounds & filter Mayo
loose tea & tea bags Glossy paper
Shredded newspapers Greasy food


You'll want to keep similar amounts of nitrogen rich materials (greens) and carbon rich materials (browns) in your worm bin. Greens are things from your kitchen (see above OK list). Browns are finely shredded newspaper, cardboard and dried leaves. SMALLER PIECES COMPOST FASTER. Finely chop that banana peel, grind up that eggshell and REALLY shred up that cardboard before putting it in the bin! You worms thank you in advance.

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