~ Setting up the Worm Bin ~

Before you start, gather your materials! You will need :
worm box (plastic storage container - how big? Click here! )
Soil (good quality, from garden if possible and maybe a little cornmeal)
Dry leaves, crunched up
Old screen
Hardware cloth (optional)
Weed screen (optional)
Box cutter
Power drill
Hot Glue Gun
1 Gallon Water
Packing peanuts (polystyrene not starch - how to tell the difference!)
A responsible adult (if you're under 16 or just irresponsible)

~ AND THE WORMS ~ (Where can I get Red Wigglers? See HERE~)

Instructions on how to MAKE THE BIN *downloadable in PDF format*

*This file requires the use of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader™.


Things to Remember!!

Worms’ bodies & the bedding should have the same amount of moisture content. This amounts to 75% to 90% moisture content. I RARELY add water to my bin, the veg and fruit keep it moist, but sometimes it may be needed.

The ideal temperature for worms is between 55 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your worms will be multiplying... be sure and share a handful with a friend! The more people compost, the less garbage will fill up our landfills! So spread the word (and the worms)!

How big a bin do I need?

# of people How many worms? Size of container
1 or 2 1 lb 15“H x 1.5‘W x 2‘L
2 or 3 1 lb 15“H x 2‘W x 2‘L
4 to 6 2-3 lbs 15“H x 2‘W x 3.5‘L

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Packing Peanuts... Polystyrene or Starch?

There's an easy way to tell if packing peanuts are starch or polystyrene. Put some of the peanuts in a glass of water, and leave them for an hour. If they dissolve, they're starch. DON'T USE THESE PEANUTS IN THE DRAINAGE BOTTOM OF YOUR BIN. You can work them into your soil, and they'll dissolve when it rains. If the peanuts DO NOT dissolve, they're polystyrene and won't break up when your bin gets wet. Use those in your bin!

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Where can I get Red Wigglers?

You can get red wigglers from local bait stores, Freecycle or even online. If you are buying wigglers online, you may want to look at Garden Watchdog for impartial online reviews, or post on the GardenWeb Forums.. These links can also be found on the right under MORE WORM INFO.

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