~ Fun Facts about Worms! ~

A worm has no arms, legs or eyes BUT they're ALL HEART! In fact, THEY HAVE FIVE HEARTS.

There are approximately 2,700 different kinds of earthworms.

Worms live where there is food, moisture, oxygen and a favorable temperature. If they don’t have these things, they go somewhere else.

Worms tunnel deeply in the soil and bring subsoil closer to the surface mixing it with the topsoil. Slime, a secretion of earthworms, contains nitrogen. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants. The sticky slime helps to hold clusters of soil particles together in formations called aggregates.

Charles Darwin spent 39 years studying earthworms more than 100 years ago.

Worms are cold-blooded animals.

Worms can grow a new tail, but not grow a new head if they are cut off.

Baby worms are not born. They hatch from cocoons smaller than a grain of rice.

These guys are said to move from 7 to 18 tons of soil per year, bringing soil from the lower layers to the surface to be deposited as "casts." Not bad considering they have no teeth!

Worms will always move away from light and will become paralyzed if exposed to light for too long (approximately one hour).

If a worm’s skin dries out, it will die.

Worms can eat their weight each day.




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