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Me & Gov Rell of Connectiicut!

I know Connecticut is the Nutmeg State. Can I put nutmeg in the worm bin? Although Connecticut is the Nutmeg state, nutmeg is actually native to Indonesia and Grenada. Connecticut is a little too cold for nutmeg. If you DO put nutmeg in the bin, remember, it's a nut with a hard shell, you'll have to grind it up so the worms can ingest it!.

How many worms are there in my yard? In one acre of land, there can be more than a million earthworms. Thats a LOT of worms!


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I've heard worms are invasive and bad for the forests! Is this true?

If I cut a worm in half. will it grow back?

Is this liquid on the bottom of my bin "worm tea?" Can I water my plants with this stuff?

How long can a worm live?

What's the world's biggest worm?

Are all worms pink?

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